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This is the announcement that I am studying abroad in England. You’re welcome for the update.

I went into the British Museum today with one goal: Find the Native American Buckskin Map they have on display and…view it, I guess. I was with A and his girlfriend, L. They were looking for the Elgin Marbles and something in the African exhibit, respectively.

So, I was going to go in, not be distracted by the other displays, and….oh, is that a mummy?

The British Museum is unlike any history museum I have ever set foot in. We walked into the exhibit on ancient Greece and Rome and were staring down statues of Hadrian, the Roman emperor. Right there. No glass case or anything. I could have touched Hadrian’s face.

(I didn’t, obviously. Incidentally, Hadrian was naked in his bust, which was done in the Greek style, to portray himself as an Epic Hero – god-like.)

There is no feeling in the world quite like standing next to a marble bust of a Roman emperor…except Being In Rome, of course, and experiencing Rome’s history in it’s own country.

(I have nothing against the British Museum, but I do like to acknowledge that they took a lot of things that aren’t theirs and refuse to give them back.)

That aside leads me to my next point – the Elgin Marbles. The hall where the Elgin Marbles are held is called ‘The Parthenon,’ so named because all of the marble carvings in that hall are from the Parthenon. But before that, is the Lykia Neriod tomb. And before that is a hall of Persian stone carvings and Egyptian statues, along with the Rosetta Stone.

Let me repeat that: The Rosetta Stone. I nearly cried. I definitely stood with my mouth agape for several minutes trying to comprehend the amount of history in that one set of hallways (spoiler: I could not comprehend it). We saw the statues from the top of the Parthenon in person. I saw those things in slideshows and now I’ve seen them in person. And I plan to see them again.

We eventually found our way to the section dedicated to North American indigenous peoples (which was a lovely exhibit), but the galleries began to close soon after. I never did see the Buckskin map.
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I'm really bad at this whole "let's run 3 blogs" thing. Not that tumblr takes a lot of work, but this and my "For Real" blog fall by the wayside like so many journals. Physical journals. That doesn't really make sense. Whatever.

It's the end of the semester, end of the year, and a bunch of people are leaving. One person who I am relieved I won't have to deal with anymore. Two I really care about. I'm bad at goodbyes. Like, really bad, I should have been hanging out with people this week and instead I started out in one of my weird ass bad moods and refused to talk to people for like two days.

Mm...this is gonna turn into a vent quickly then. Okay, change of subject.

I need to triple check on the availability of my job when I get back. I trust my boss, but not someone else higher up, so i'm just gonna...get it in writing. Email. Whatever.

In a bit of a panic about THE TRIP because that's a thing that's occurring soon. I don't know. Life is moving on and I'm just a bundle of nerves about it. I'll calm down by Monday, I think.
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A list of things I would like to do and have to do before I leave on the 10th.

  • Finish the CNF piece about my mother and hospitals.

  • Write up my 'readings' of my peer's poetry

  • Read Neil Gaiman's Stardust

  • Pack

  • Play a game with friends (Maybe ERS with El since they hate long-ass games)

  • Survive Poetry

I think this is an incredibly doable list of things. I will do all of them, so help me God.
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Just had a dude follow me looking for [redacted] and I ignored him and reported him.

Good thing I removed all my personal shit from tumblr already because this is the third guy I have had to ignore/report this semester.

Tumblr: Where creeps can follow you anonymously.
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The tumblr crew and I went to go visit my friend Franny and her partner last night as the fulfillment of a 'cake and coloring books' promise Franny and I made ages ago. We taught El to play video games (though it was Katamari. At least they learned how to drive). Roommate made noodle product for dinner. Franny made cake. Nac and Erin talked about Warcraft (I think, I wasn't paying attention) and we all talked about Red vs. Blue.

Franny and I discussed comic books while I looked at a series of her artwork (entitled "Why We Oppose Comics For Women") and she gave me a few comic book recs that I completely forget now. Hawkeye was one, but that is one I've been side eyeing for a while. Erin, Franny, Nac, and I looked through Nac's comic series based on old DnD campaigns Nac and Franny were involved in. The longest one included a credits sequence set to 'Don't Stop Me Now' and was beautiful.

We ended the evening watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (which everyone should see), eating cake, and watching Olan Rogers videos. Excellent evening. Now I have to return to the world of coding-all-the-qualitative-answers-into-quantitative-data. Such is life.
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Well, it's happened. The whack-ass weather changes in Blacksburg have given me the worst case of creeping crud I've had all year. I got to work and felt like my brain fogged over, all while my boss was trying to explain to me how to make final edits to the Welcome Video I have been working on for nearly a month now.

Meanwhile, outside, it was raining and the temperature was dropping from 59 to 36, so the rain turned to snow. In April. Come on, Blacksburg, I thought we were over this. I will take heavy rain and thunderstorms any day, but I am seriously sick of snow.

I took the opportunity, though, of being locked indoors, to work on a playlist and get some homework done early. Maybe I will actually get to write this week. What a thought, Mark. I'm going to go make tea and hope this crud creeps right the fuck out of my system so that I don't get colossally sick in the very near future.
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El ([personal profile] starfoozle) and I drove down to [personal profile] last01standings place and ran off immediately to the Caps/Canes game (after a very quick bowl of chili. Which I ate most of, thank you very much). Spent the game in front of an enthusiastic Canes fan, and told El Hockey stories. Got up the next morning at 8, and followed Paige around Raleigh after a jaunt to Not-McKay's and a local tea shop. Science museum was cool...well, the top two floors were cool. Played catch; taught El how to catch because, somehow, they missed out on that during childhood. Travesty. Saw Capt. America. It was most excellent.

Let's see. Walked around 15..ish miles, I'd guess, over town this weekend. Watched The Blair Witch Project and Fright Night and realized that I'm not as much of a weenie when it comes to horror movies as previously thought. I am still a weenie, though. Danced to 90's music. Made pretzels. Talked and sang loudly. Played more catch. I determined that I really need to get back into organized sports (even if that organization is really loose), so I'm going to sign up for intramural sports next year. Was the least worried I've been in ages.

Excellent weekend away from college-home. Now, I've given up on reading Paradise Lost, and will need to recoup some of the sleep I lost to the couch.
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I seem to be accruing internet journals at the same rate at which I acquire physical journals. And I am just about as likely to forget that one of them exists. Welcome to my attempt to find something better than tumblr for writing...anything really.

We'll see how this goes. I'm hoping it goes well, because tumblr is extremely lacking and I can't post everything to my 'look, I'm a professional writer' blog.

Yeah, I'm not very good first entries. Whatever.