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El ([personal profile] starfoozle) and I drove down to [personal profile] last01standings place and ran off immediately to the Caps/Canes game (after a very quick bowl of chili. Which I ate most of, thank you very much). Spent the game in front of an enthusiastic Canes fan, and told El Hockey stories. Got up the next morning at 8, and followed Paige around Raleigh after a jaunt to Not-McKay's and a local tea shop. Science museum was cool...well, the top two floors were cool. Played catch; taught El how to catch because, somehow, they missed out on that during childhood. Travesty. Saw Capt. America. It was most excellent.

Let's see. Walked around 15..ish miles, I'd guess, over town this weekend. Watched The Blair Witch Project and Fright Night and realized that I'm not as much of a weenie when it comes to horror movies as previously thought. I am still a weenie, though. Danced to 90's music. Made pretzels. Talked and sang loudly. Played more catch. I determined that I really need to get back into organized sports (even if that organization is really loose), so I'm going to sign up for intramural sports next year. Was the least worried I've been in ages.

Excellent weekend away from college-home. Now, I've given up on reading Paradise Lost, and will need to recoup some of the sleep I lost to the couch.
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