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Well, it's happened. The whack-ass weather changes in Blacksburg have given me the worst case of creeping crud I've had all year. I got to work and felt like my brain fogged over, all while my boss was trying to explain to me how to make final edits to the Welcome Video I have been working on for nearly a month now.

Meanwhile, outside, it was raining and the temperature was dropping from 59 to 36, so the rain turned to snow. In April. Come on, Blacksburg, I thought we were over this. I will take heavy rain and thunderstorms any day, but I am seriously sick of snow.

I took the opportunity, though, of being locked indoors, to work on a playlist and get some homework done early. Maybe I will actually get to write this week. What a thought, Mark. I'm going to go make tea and hope this crud creeps right the fuck out of my system so that I don't get colossally sick in the very near future.

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16/4/14 02:21 (UTC)
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Oh man. NC did that too today. Literally during the course of my run it went from 70 degrees to like 50. Which I suppose is not the same as turning rain into snow, but I was not down with it. -- Except it did knock the ridiculous pollen out of the air for a bit, so I think you've got the idea. Pot of tea and some music and all will get better.

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17/4/14 00:11 (UTC)
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Maybe force El to baseball with you if tea and music was insufficient? I am a firm believer in the healing powers of baseball.

Lack of homework may be the only real joy of adulthood.


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